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We pick you up at either the Kotoka International Airport or your hotel in Accra and drive west along the coast to visit slave castles. The castles (also known as forts) were the last stop for natives who were captured in the interior of the country before they were sold as slaves and shipped to Europe or overseas to the Western Hemisphere. Guests can walk around the historic structures and learn the history of the slave trade, the Europeans’ presence in West Africa, and the history of Ghana.

Cape Coast Castle
Cape Coast Castle
  • Fort Christianborg (also known as Osu) – this fort was built by Denmark-Norway in the 1660’s and changed hands many times over the years. It has rebuilt numerous times and has often served as the seat of government, as it does today. Queen Elizabeth II stayed in the castle when she visited Ghana in 1961.

After visiting Fort Christianborg, your guide you drive you down the coast west of Accra. Accommodations for the night will be at a beach resort hotel along the coast.


Elmina Castle
Elmina Castle

Two more castles along the coast are on today’s agenda, along with meals at either Ghanaian restaurants or resorts.

  • Cape Coast Castle –  visitors can also tour the dark underground dungeons where the slaves were held and the auction halls where they were sold. The castle also houses the West African Historical Museum, which features exhibits dating from the prehistoric period to the mid 19th Century.
  • Elmina Castle – this castle was erected by Portuguese in 1482 and is considered to be Ghana’s most scenic slave fort. It was the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea and also the oldest European building in existence below the Sahara.

Accommodations for the night will be at a beach resort hotel along the coast.


Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park

Your driver will return you to Accra. Stops will be made for meals at either Ghanaian restaurant or resorts.

  • Kakum National Park (Optional Side Trip) – this large, 375 square kilometre tropical rainforest has been protected since 1931 and is famous for its 350-metre canopy walkway that gives visitors and unrivaled treetop view of the forest, cocoa farms, and bamboo forests. The canopy walk reaches height of up to 50 metres above the ground. It takes 2-3 hours to complete and is led by a knowledgeable guide. Excellent walking tours of the park are also available. Visitors will have a chance to observe indigenous species such as the Diana monkey, the giant bongo antelope, the yellow-backed duiker, and the African elephant. Over 266 species of birds can be found in the park, including the rare African Grey Parrot and over nine species of the hornbill. The Kakum Conservation Area Tree House is designed to allow visitors a chance to see elephants feeding on fallen fruit.

Price is per group for up to 4 people. Please contact us for arranging tours for larger groups.

Price does not include any entrance fees, food, or drink.

Featured photo by Michal Vogt via CC-BY-2.0, Cape Coast Castle photo by Andrew Moore via CC-BY-2.0, Elmina Castle photo by Francisco Anzola via CC-BY-2.0, Kakum National Park photo by Erik Cleves Kristensen via  CC-BY-2.0.

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