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Black Volta River

Upper West Region

The Upper West Region of Ghana may be remote and small, but it holds rewards for anyone who makes the effort to visit. The region is located in a guinea savanna vegetation belt, and the terrain consists of grass dotted with drought-resistant trees such as the baobab, shea, dawadawa, and neem. Visitors will find wildlife, […]

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Northern Region

The vast Northern Region of Ghana is the largest of the country’s ten regions and is different in many way from the regions to the south. Tamale, the capital of the region and Ghana’s fourth largest city, is located at the crossing of three ancient trade routes and was influenced by the cultures and religions from the North. Most […]

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Brong Ahafo

Brong Ahafo

The Brong Ahafo region of Ghana is often thought to be one of the most beautiful areas of a beautiful country. With unspoiled natural beauty and welcoming small villages, visitors will find much to love in this often-overlooked region. Major natural attractions of Brong-Ahafo include the beautiful waterfalls of Kintampo, the Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, Bui National Park, […]

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Western Region Ghana

Western Region

The Western Region of Ghana hugs the Atlantic coast and borders the neighboring country of Cote D’lvoire. The fertile land is known for its cocoa and rubber plantations, and visitors will be drawn to its lush tropical jungles, pristine beaches and beautiful coastal castles and forts. Like other regions of Ghana, the Western region has its fair […]

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Eastern Region

The Eastern region of Ghana is actually located more in the south-central area Ghana. The region offers visitors a great mix of scenic natural beauty, unique geography, rich history, and welcoming Ghanaian culture. Along the eastern edge of the region, the Akosombo Dam backs up the Volta River to form the scenic Lake Volta, which is one of […]

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Volta Region

The Volta Region is located on the eastern edge of Ghana and borders the neighboring Republic of Togo. It’s a long and narrow region that stretches from the beaches and coastal plains of the Atlantic Ocean on the southern end all the way up to the arid Northern Region. The massive Lake Volta forms much […]

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Central Region

The Central Region of Ghana runs for over 150 kilometres along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea between the Western Region and the Greater Accra Region and features some of Ghana’s best beaches and many of their historic forts and castles. Visitors will love the history and the natural beauty of the area. In […]

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Greater Accra

The Greater Accra Region is the entry point to Ghana for most travelers, and it is home to many of the country’s major cultural attractions, it’s most vibrant city, and it’s most popular beaches. Greater Accra is the smallest of Ghana’s 10 regions, but it is the most densely populated and includes two of Ghana’s major cities, Accra […]

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Regions of Ghana

Map by Thfc via Wikimedia Commons

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Kumasi Ghana

Ashanti Region

The Ashanti region is located in the south central area of Ghana, and, as the hub of the ancient kingdom of the Asante, it holds much of the history and culture of this fascinating country. Visitors to the area will find a wealth of palaces, forts, churches, and museums just waiting to be explored. Additionally, […]

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